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James Herriot’s border terrior.

Miss Dodey’s pregnant Yorkshire Terrier to whom she wanted James to inject with medicine to make the puppies come out early. James refused but Siegfried later did the injection at the proper time.

Joe Mulligan’s dog. A cross between an “Airedale and a donkey”, the huge dog had a case of “womitting” James, Siegfried, and Tristan were all scared of the big dog.

A 12 year old spaniel bitch belonging to Mrs. Barker. She was suffering from valvular insufficiency and needed to be taken to Granville Bennett for surgery.

James Herriot’s Irish setter back in his school days.

Mr. Wilkin’s sheep dog who suffered from epilepsy. He only barked once in his whole life.

Rabert Corner’s dog. He was an avid car chaser and a champion sheepdog.

Humphrey Cobb’s beagle. After many false ailments, almost dies because James fails to realize it is not the usual false alarm.

The Flaxtons’ Toy Poodle who suffered from gastroenteritis. She almost died, but was cured by James sedating her.

Roland Partridge’s dog who had a testicular tumour which went untreated for a long time. During an experimental treatment, Percy suffered from a side effect that caused other dogs to think he was a bitch in heat.

Phoebe and Victoria
Granville’s “disgracefully fat Staffordshire Bull Terrier” and Yorkshire Terrier.

Mrs. Ponovan’s terrier who died after being runover by a car.

An abandoned and abused Golden Retriever whom Mrs. Donovan adopted and, by doing so, saved.

The Chapman’s pregnant bitch who needed help whelping. James brought Helen along with him on the visit and delivered six pups.


Geoffrey Hatfield’s tabby cat. Lived in the sweet shop. Suffered from unexplainable loss of weight. A hairball was found to be the cause of the trouble and was removed surgically.

Debbie’s kitten and Mrs. Ainsworth’s cat. Could retrieve a ball as well as a dog.

A cat who brought her kitten to Mrs. Ainsworth on Christmas and later died of a malignant growth in her stomach.

Eugene Ireson’s small cat who kept him company in his little shelter. Had a very large kitten.

Dick Fawcett’s cat. He appeared to have some strange ailment that kept knocking him out. It was found that he was lapping up Dick’s cancer medicine.

Ginny and Ollie
Two wild cats who adopted the Herriot’s but refused to be taken inside the house. They made friends with Helen, but were reluctant to befriend James who kept grabbing them for treatments.


A black tom found in the rushes at the Butler’s farm. Adopted Bertha (a sow) as his foster mother and sucked milk with the rest of the piglets.

Mrs. Bond’s cats

  • Alex James
  • Bates
  • Boris: an enormous blue-black member of the outdoor cats who had a dedicated ferosity and was a proficient escape artist.
  • Cliff Bastin
  • Eddie Hapgood
  • George: a “wild” cat who suffered from paralysis of the third eyelid.
  • Seven-times-three
  • Ted Drake
  • Wilf Copping

Oscar AKA Tiger
A large deeply striped Tabby cat. A social cat who visited everyone in town. Temporarily adopted by the Herriots but returned to the Gibbonses, his rightful owners.

The cat in James Herriot’s young life who was every bit the instigator.

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  1. This is my absolute favorite show. The characters are delightful. I just love Mrs.Hall.
    The story lines are interesting. Please keep the series going. I love the animals, too. I have a big Standard Poodle called Louie.

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