Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:I have a paper and/or report for school. Will you do it for me or give me any more information?
 A: Visit your local library or other Internet sites, this site does not give any more than what you already see.
Q:Is Joan Herriot still alive?
 A: No, she passed away July 14, 1999.
Q:How can I contact James Herriot?
 A: Sadly, James Herriot passed away some time ago. You could contact the publisher if you wish to contact any of his family.

8 Replies to “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

  1. Can you tell me the pattern name of the china that was used in the Skeldale House set. It seems like there may have been two: a green pattern used in the earlier episode and a blue pattern by season 2.

    Thank you.

    Donna Johnson

  2. Is it true that Richard Carmody’s real name is Oliver Murphy? I will be so disappointed if Carmody never existed.

  3. @Mike-Why did Linda Bellingham take over The part of Helen from Carol Drinkwater?
    Ms. Drinkwater left the show after the third series, feeling that the show had covered all of the James Herriot material that had been published to that date. She said in an interview much later that she regretted the decision in time. Both were marvelous in their own way with the role of Helen. I have never found any information on how the real life “Helen” felt about how she was portrayed…would have loved to know that.

  4. I’m trying to find the episode where the Johnny Pearson song “Autumn Reverie” played. I’ve gone through chapters four, five and six and can’t find it! It’s very poignant and a beautiful melody, played when James Harriet’s dog, Dan, dies. I saw the episode, loved the melody, wanted to find the sheet music for it, chased it down through iTunes and Facebook and who knows where else and now I’d like to go back and rewatch the episode. But I can’t find it! I’d appreciate any help anyone can give me. I’m tired.

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