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All Creatures Great and Small, the television show, was produced in two segments; first in between 1978-1980. Two longer specials followed in 1983 & 1985. Then the series started again in 1988 and kept going until 1990. One last special followed on Christmas Eve in 1990.

In 1937, a young, newly-qualified surgeon arrives in the picturesque village of Darrowby to take up his first job in the established veterinary practice of Sigfried and Tristan Farnon. But in rural Yorkshire, with few medicines available, the treatment of sick animals still seems to be rooted in the Dark Ages. This, together with the country-folk’s inherent suspicion of strangers, poses problems for James Herriot in the early years of his career.

Gradually, James establishes himself with the people of Darrowby and is made a partner in the veterinary practice. He courts and eventually marries Helen and becomes a family man. And over the next 20 years, James, his family and friends share in the joys and heartaches of caring for the many wonderful creatures that become part of their world.

Based on the best-selling novels by James Herriot.

Christopher Timothy (as James Herriott)
Peter Davison (as Tristan Farnon)
Robert Hardy (as Siegfried Farnon)
Carol Drinkwater (as Helen Herriot; Series 1-3, Xmas ’83 and ’85)
Lynda Bellingham (as Helen Herriot; Series 4-7, Xmas ’90)

Produced by Bill Sellars
Directed by Michael Brayshaw

A BBC production in association with ABC Australia, the Arts & Entertainment Network, Time Life Films and Network 7 Australia

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*Number in parentheses at end of program description is BBCWA library tape number. Date is the original air date on BBC One.

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  1. HORSE SENSE – 1978-01-08
    Life for a newly-qualified vet is not at all easy. To begin with, one has to find a job, which is not a simple thing to do in 1930s England. (1)
  2. DOG DAYS – 1978-01-15
    James finds that while a vet’s life is not altogether enviable, that of a dog might well be so. (2)
  3. IT TAKES ALL KINDS – 1978-01-22
    Routine in the practice is shattered when Siegfried employs a secretary and James meets Helen Alderson. (3)
  4. CALF LOVE – 1978-01-29
    Siegfried has a major victory, and his brother, Tristan, has to deal with pigs in more ways than one. James meets a rival. (4)
  5. OUT OF PRACTICE – 1978-02-05
    The practice goes from strength to strength, but not James’ love life. Tristan takes a hand and arranges a double blind date. (5)
    James makes a date, this time without Tristan’s help. The practice, with Tristan’s help, loses a customer. (6)
  7. GOLDEN LADS AND GIRLS – 1978-02-19
    James’ luck changes for the better in his romance with Helen. But for the Dalby family there seems to be no turning of the tide. (7)
  8. ADVICE AND CONSENT – 1978-02-26
    Siegfried gives some sound advice, and James acts upon it. (8)
  9. THE LAST FURLONG – 1978-03-05
    Some farmers like to do their own vetting, as James discovers. And sometimes the vet can cure the farmer. (9)
  10. SLEEPING PARTNERS – 1978-03-12
    James and Helen take a working honeymoon. Siegfried makes Tristan work for his finals. (10)
  11. BULLDOG BREED – 1978-03-19
    What is a vet to do when the stock, in which he has sunk all his savings, is struck by a deadly disease? (11)
  12. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – 1978-04-07
    Tristan fails his exam. James discovers a guilty secret. Siegfried embarks on a physical fitness program. (12)
  13. BREATH OF LIFE – 1978-04-14
    Siegfried discovers that a gift given in good faith can deal out death. James learns that dealing out death can accidentally be the gift of life. (13)

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  1. CATS AND DOGS – 1978-09-23
    Work at Skeldale Veterinary Surgery continues apace. All is not sunny, however, as it almost literally rains cats and dogs. (14)
  2. ATTENDANT PROBLEMS – 1978-09-30
    Lambing time in the Yorkshire Dales is hard but rewarding work. James and Siegfried, however, have a worrying problem. (15)
  3. FAIR MEANS FOWL – 1978-10-07
    Siegfried means to help finances by acquiring a flock of guinea fowl. Tristan settles a lawsuit incurred while he was treating a cow for bloat. (16)
  4. THE BEAUTY OF THE BEAST – 1978-10-14
    Segfried manages to find the right payment for ill- treatment when he attends to a stallion belonging to a scrap merchant. (17)
  5. JUDGEMENT DAY – 1978-10-21
    The Darrowby Show is a happy event for everyone except James. Siegfried is called upon to maintain the honor of the practice in the jump-off. (18)
  6. FAINT HEARTS – 1978-10-28
    Tristan discovers that the smooth approach to women can backfire. James has his own troubles with the procrastinating Bellerby family. (19)
  7. TRICKS OF THE TRADE – 1978-11-04
    James meets Granville Bennet, a city vet, and gets a taste of the high life. Siegfried refines the Fine Art of Debt Collecting. (20)
  8. PRIDE OF POSSESSION – 1978-11-11
    James uses a hormone treatment on a dog with nearly disastrous results. An apparently bashful bull shows his mettle when grazing near another farmer’s heifers. (21)
  9. THE NAME OF THE GAME – 1978-11-18
    The annual cricket game between Rainby and Darrowby is of particular concern this year to James. He must face a real demon of a bowler. (22)
  10. PUPPY LOVE – 1978-11-25
    The routine at Skeldale House is disrupted when Alice McTavish arrives bringing her “wee dog” with her. (23)
  11. WAYS AND MEANS – 1978-12-02
    James decides that he would rather face a savage dog any day rather than take on making a speech to the Darrowby Youth Club. (24)
  12. PUPS, PIGS AND PICKLES – 1978-12-09
    Tristan proves he is a gentleman, while James’ love of food is tested when a farmer offers him a breakfast of bacon fat and piccalilli. (25)
  13. A DOG’S LIFE – 1978-12-16
    A difficult calving is bad enough, but when a farmer’s uncle claims to know more than the attending vet, the job is hardly worth having. (26)
  14. MERRY GENTLEMEN – 1978-12-24
    Christmas at Skeldale House. It’s all carols, holly and mistletoe, also sick foals, overfed dogs and a cake competition! (27)

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  1. PLENTY TO GROUSE ABOUT – 1979-12-29
    There is an illness going about Lord Livingstone’s grouse moors. James and Helen find themselves chasing a cow through the countryside. (28)
  2. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME – 1980-01-05
    The vets introduce new drugs for treating their clients’ animals but have to charge realistic prices for the services rendered. (29)
  3. EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY – – 1980-01-12
    James has a tricky time treating a boxer. Siegfried is amazed at new wonder drugs. Young David wants to become a vet. (30)
  4. HAIR OF THE DOG – – 1980-01-19
    When the housekeeper must leave for a short while, Tristan attempts to keep house. An itinerant workman’s dog is need of emergency surgery. (31)
  5. IF WISHES WERE HORSES – – 1980-01-26
    Tristan is smitten with Debbie Mount, much to her father’s dismay. However, when he treats their horse, Tristan curries favor with both Mounts. (32)
  6. PIG IN THE MIDDLE – – 1980-02-02
    James and Helen nearly have their anniversary celebration ruined when a goat eats a checkbook. Siegfried’s present saves the night. (33)
  7. BE PREPARED – – 1980-02-09
    Tristan turns his attentions to the lovely Lydia, a new barmaid. Miss Westerman’s dog does not help in the cause of this new romance. (34)
  8. A DYING BREED – – 1980-02-16
    Siegfried and James attend a calving at a modern milking facility. Mrs. Beck manages to skip paying for her cat’s operation. (35)
  9. BRINK OF DISASTER – – 1980-02-23
    September, 193
  10. While James examines Mrs. Bailey’s cows, a radio broadcast declares that Britain is now at war with Germany. (36)
  11. HOME AND AWAY – – 1980-03-01
    Siegfried and Tristan are left to run Skeldale House. Siegfried is less than enamored with Tristan’s culinary skills. (37)
  12. ALARMS AND EXCURSIONS – – 1980-03-08
    Dogs are mysteriously being poisoned. Siegfried is determined to find the perpetrator and put an end to the slaughter. (38)
  13. MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH – – 1980-03-15
    James saves a patient who had been poorly treated by an amateur vet. He then visits Lord Hulton’s place to see how the other half lives. (39)
  14. WILL TO LIVE – – 1980-03-22
    It is bad enough when a dog goes blind. It is even worse that James has to break this sad news to the dog’s most neurotic owner. (40)
  15. BIG STEPS AND LITTLE ‘UNS – – 1980-04-05
    Siegfried and Tristan enlist in the Royal Air Force. The arrival of a female Polish vet could mean drastic changes in the affairs of Skeldale House. (41)

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    Calum Buchanan joins the practice along with his tame badger, Marylin. Pregnant ewes, the plumbing at Sceldale and Helen’s lost engagement ring herald the new arrival. (42)
  2. BARKS AND BITES – 1988-01-24
    Helen and Jimmy are threatened with a shotgun by a cruel dog- owner. Tristan has a new assignment as a fertility counselor and Siegfried shows new- boy, Calum, the ropes at the practice — and introduces him to a few of the more difficult clients. (43)
  3. THE BULL WITH THE BOWLER HAT – 1988-01-31
    James has a crisis of professional confidence while treating a cow with a new drug. Tristan tries to convince a local farmer of the virtues of artificial insemination but Siegfreid only succeeds in enraging the farmer’s bull. (44)
  4. THE PIG MAN COMETH – 1988-02-07
    James has his eye on a little semi-detached property coming up for sale, with the notion it would make a pleasant surprise for Helen. Unknown to him, however, Helen has grander ideas. There is trouble from a local farmer, which ironically leads Calum to celebrate his departure from the Herriot household. (45)
  5. HAIL Caesar – 1988-02-14
    Tristan has been appointed a fertility counsellor for the Ministry of Agriculture. He and James are sent to Grimbsby to examine an export consignment of sheep with two Russian vets. The Russian woman vet lives up to Tristan’s belief that all Russian women are built like discus-throwers. (46)
  6. ONLY ONE WOOF – 1988-02-21
    James and Seigfreid deal with a sheepdog trainer, whose dog is suffering from epilepsy. At Skeldale, two wild cats wander in the garden and Helen takes out food for them. She is hopeful of keeping them but James warns her that they will never come in from the wild. (47)
  7. ACE, KING, QUEEN, JACK – 1988-02-28
    The week leading up to the Darrowby Show proves to be a difficult one for James. He finds that he has been asked to judge the dog section at the show, an invitation he can’t refuse. Since Mrs. Pumphrey will inevitably want to enter Tricki Woo, James expects to be put in a very embarrassing situation. (48)
  8. THE HEALING TOUCH – 1988-03-06
    Trying to save the life of a badly-injured, much-loved cat, James and Tristan seek the help of Granville Bennett, who runs a small animal hospital. The fruits of Bennett’s practice are clearly much richer than the hard graft of the Dales, and James is intrigued to find that Bennett is looking for a partner. (49)
  9. CITY SLICKER – 1988-03-13
    Andrew Bruce, an old school friend of James’s comes to stay for a long weekend. Andrew, a city bank manager, is rhapsodic about the idyllic countryside and Yorkshire Dales courtesy, and he cannot understand why James should want to change such an ideal lifestyle — until he finds himself in a rural nightmare. (50)
  10. FOR RICHER, FOR POORER – 1988-03-20
    Harvest Sunday proves to be a trying time for the practice. Seigfreid seizes the opportunity to teach Callum cleanliness by example, forcing him to watch “the perfect operation” on a sick cow. Unfortunately, the operation doesn’t go according to plan. When Callum is chased by a bull, James goes to his aid. (51)

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  1. AGAINST THE ODDS – 1988-09-03
    James Herriot finds himself skiing through snowy dales to save a litter of dying piglets. Helen is confined to bed having a slipped a disc and Tristan is hoping that Siegfried will give him a job as he has resigned from the Ministry of Agriculture. (52)
  2. PLACE OF HONOUR – 1988-09-10
    With Helen still bedridden, there is a dramatic increase in domestic chaos. While James struggles manfully with both chores and children, Siegfried and Tristan praise his noble efforts — and do precisely nothing. Tristan infuriates Mr. Bushy, a redoubtable farmer, by treating a dog instead of Busby’s cow, by sleeping in, and finally by treating a bull instead of Busby’s dog! (53)
  3. CHOOSE A BRIGHT MORNING – 1988-09-17
    James receives a cry for help from the isolated Bramley family who last came to town in 192
  4. (54)
  5. THE PLAYING FIELD – 1988-09-24
    A typical Yorkshire farmer is transformed into a cowboy; with Siegfried in London, Tristan is left with the worst patients. (55)
  6. WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE – 1988-10-01
    Helen is finally up and about – only to face the morning after the chaos of Tristan’s party the night before. (56)
  7. A NEW CHAPTER – 1988-10-08
    The Herriots prepare to move to Rowangarth and another emergency with Granville Bennett. (57)
  8. A PRESENT FROM DUBLIN – 1988-10-15
    Calum welcomes the new arrivals — one that bites and one that fits Siegfried’s cooking & cleaning requirements. (58)
  9. THE SALT OF THE EARTH – 1988-10-22
    Siegfried is saddened by the death of a young bull terrier – one of an inseparable pair of dogs. (59)
  10. CHEQUES AND BALANCES – 1088-10-29
    Siegfried is determined to make the errant farmers pay their bills. (60)
  11. FEMALE OF THE SPECIES – 1988-11-05
    Siegfried gives a friend’s offspring some experience in the surgery. Calum initially resents this, but bucks up when he sees the young student. (61)
  12. THE JACKPOT – 1988-11-12
    James wears his shorts to a visit and is challenged to a race, while Jock, a once-champion sheepdog, delights in chasing cars from the farm. (62)
  13. TWO OF A KIND – 1988-11-19
    Last episode in this series about life in a country veterinary practice. Siegfried buys a television set, and James has to deal with a man who has cancer. (63)

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  1. HERE AND THERE – 1989-09-02
    James meets Basil Courtney, a cowhand for a local farmer. Basil has worked in a circus, been a teacher, has knowledge of art and a nose for good wine! James is intrigued until he discovers that Basil has not been giving the farmer’s calves their treatment and, as a result, they are showing no signs of improvement. (64)
  2. THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE – 1989-09-09
    The romance between Calum Buchanan and Deidre McEwan flourishes. Siegfried has been hoping that the love affair would quiet down but instead it seems to be going full blast. However, the course of true love never runs smoothly, and it is left to Siegfried to help solve the young couple’s problems. (65)
  3. THE CALL OF THE WILD – 1989-09-16
    Deidre and Calum are busy planning their wedding. Deidre discusses her future with Helen, who hopes the couple will stay in Darrowby. However, Calum gets offered a job in Nova Scotia. Siegfried, believing he has forced Calum into applying for the job, hopes he can now persuade him to reconsider. (66)
  4. THE NELSON TOUCH – 1989-09-23
    Siegfried visits a farm to treat a sick cat and pulls off a brilliant piece of human diagnosis at the same time. He also gets an unexpected visit from the puritan Mr. Hopps — who does not have an animal with him. (67)
  5. BLOOD AND WATER – 1989-09-30
    James meets a pair of elderly twins. Oliver and Roland Strong, rabbit breeder and prize cabbage-grower respectively, have divided the cottage left to them by their mother and have not spoken to each other for 50 years. Now Oliver is convinced that Roland has poisoned one of his rabbits. (68)
    When James treats a sick cat, he finds himself in an awkward position with Mrs. Pumphrey and Mrs. Tibbett. These two formidable and mutually ferocious Darrowby matrons compete both in presents for the invalid and in hounding James for information of the patient’s progress. (69)
  7. THE NEW WORLD – 1989-10-14
    When Lady Hulton’s cat falls ill, Siegfried embarks, with typical zeal, on updating the practice to cater for such refined clients. Lady Hulton, however, catches him out at every turn. James’ problems lie with an affable but lazy farmer, Vernon Harker, whose plans to save himself from work even extend to marrying a tower of strength with a grown son to match. (70)
  8. MENDING FENCES – 1989-10-21
    Jenny Garston and David Rayner, individually charming farmer and horse-breeder, have been sworn enemies since their earliest school days. When a triple birthday is marred by tragedy it falls to Siegfried to negotiate with the stony-faced neighbors. (71)
  9. BIG FISH, LITTLE FISH – 1989-10-28
    James is persuaded to play for the “Gentlemen’s” team in the annual village cricket match. The village players are to be captained by the young, and already legendary, Freddie Trueman. Siegfried persuades Freddie to bowl flat out at the pompous Colonel Jenkins, captain of the “Gentlemen’s” side. He lives to regret this when James is injured fielding and Siegfried is himself forced in to bat against “Fiery Fred”. (72)
  10. IN WHOM WE TRUST – 1989-11-04
    An old friend of James and Siegfried, an itinerant traveler called Roddy Travers, arrives in Darrowby. He appears to be stealing instruments from the practice but Siegfried and James are relieved to discover that Roddy’s recently acquired lurcher dog, Murphy, is the culprit. However, the situation turns serious when an elderly local farmer accuses Murphy of sheep killing. (73)
  11. THE ROUGH AND THE SMOOTH – 1989-11-11
    Siegfried insists on singing the praises of his new time- management system, a personal diary, much to the annoyance of James. James is particularly put out by Siegfried’s successful demonstration to his bete-noir, the redoubtable Mr. Ripley. However, Siegfried’s morning is spoiled when he has to deal with Humphrey, an exuberant Great Dane. (74)
  12. THE BEST TIME – 1989-11-18
    Siegfried is perplexed when the usually-caring Grandma Clarke snubs her neighbor, Franco Pedretti, who is the new shepherd on the estate where she is a tenant farmer. It soon becomes apparent that she blames Franco for the untimely death of her son in Italy during the war and the subsequent death of his wife in childbirth. (75)

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  1. THE PRODIGAL RETURNS – 1990-09-01
    Life at the Yorkshire veterinary practice continues to challenge the partners, whether by neglected animals or tight-fisted farmers. There are domestic challenges for Tristan, however, when James and Helen play a practical joke with a “Welcome Home” card from an old female admirer. Life is never simple when true love or the demon drink rule Tristan’s life, and he is soon in trouble with Siegfried. A new housekeeper, Mrs. Alton, has been recruited by Siegfried to keep a watchful eye on Tristan, who, despatched to tie up the details of her employment, is delighted to discover that Mrs. Alton is a rather attractive young widow. But this is not the Mrs. Alton that Siegfried had in mind. (76)
  2. KNOWIN’ HOW TO DO IT – 1990-09-08
    Planting a syringe full of anti-abortion vaccine into a farmer’s backside creates something of a crisis for Tristan. Farmer Nat Briggs is convinced that his chances of starting a family have been ruined by Tristan’s clumsiness, and he hangs threateningly around the Drovers waiting for a chance to confront Tristan. But it is Siegfried who gets a letter threatening court action. James, meanwhile, keeps Helen guessing about his mysterious visits to a local joiner, whose pet, Helen knows, died some time ago. (77)
  3. IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE – 1990-09-15
    Tristan’s heart is all a flutter because of the lovely Jane Mercer. When he discovers that she sings in the choral society, Tristan develops a fresh interest in matters musical. But strong-willed Jane takes a donkey’s owner to task for neglecting the animal, much to the embarrassment of Tristan. Farmer Biggins, meanwhile, baffles all three partners with his strange behavior. A legendary non-payer of vets’ bills, he finally meets his match when Granville Bennett – “the finest small animal practitioner in the north” attends his tom cat and manages to get Biggins to settle his outstanding account in full. (78)
  4. A FRIEND FOR LIFE – 1990-09-22
    Tragedy strikes Bill Shadwell when his herd of dairy shorthorns contracts Johne’s disease. As Shadwell approaches retirement, his son is keen to move into more profitable Friesian dairy cattle — a move which means both James and Siegfried are caught up in the family’s battle of wills. Mr. Grimsdale’s bull poses problems of a different kind when Siegfried is convinced it has swallowed a dangerous metal object. But tightfisted Grimsdale is not convinced that an operation is needed. Tristan’s new metal detector could prove to be the solution to a tricky dilemma. (79)
  5. SPRING FEVER – 1990-09-29
    The mysterious Mrs. Donovan poses problems for all three partners. Siegfried rashly dismisses her as “a warm-hearted woman who loves animals” — until she starts interfering with his patients. From sheep to piglets, a howling dog to a hibernating tortoise, there seems to be no limit to her homespun remedies. Tristan has big trouble on his hands when cadging college pal St. John turns up looking for a bed — and a small loan. Can Tristan keep St. John’s presence a secret from Siegfried and the fearsome Mrs. Alton? Lovely Rosemary Brocklehurst attracts the romantic attention of Tristan when she brings in Esmerelda, a tortoise, which won’t come out of its shell. Perhaps Mrs. Donovan has the answer… (80)
  6. OUT WITH THE NEW – 1990-10-06
    Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation is cause for Darrowby celebrations on a grand scale. James and Helen’s 12-year-old daughter, Rosie, is due to be crowned, too–as Darrowby’s pageant princess–by her reluctant elder brother, Jimmy. But a severe cough could put a fast end to her starring role in the festivities. Helen is keen to try Mrs. Alton’s herbal remedy, but James tells her to give penicillin a chance first. Siegfried also resorts to traditional cures when he tackles a sheep with liver fluke, and is all too eager to pass on to James a rather smelly problem afflicting a dog called Wolfie. (81)
  7. FOOD FOR THOUGHT – 1990-10-13
    Buffoon Stewie Brannen, an old friend of Siegfried’s, has invited the distinguished Professor Norton to a black tie dinner, and prevails upon Siegfried to host it at Skeldale — and lend him a dinner suit. But disaster looms when Siegfried and Stewie are called out for a calving, in full evening dress, and James has to hold the fort with an irascible Mrs. Alton. (82)
  8. A CAT IN HULL’S CHANCE – 1990-10-20
    There’s unusual friction in the Herriot household when 12- year-old daughter Rosie announces that she wants to become a vet — against her father’s wishes. James goes out of his way to show her the arduous, dirty and dangerous side of his work, while Helen thinks he ought to encourage her. But treating her best friend’s pony, which has tetanus, may prove too much even for the determined Rosie. Siegried, meanwhile, manages to lose Mrs. Pettinger’s kitten Prudence, which escapes from the surgery and hitches a ride to Hull — causing consternation in Darrowby and mirth for Tristan. (83)
    Siegfried is determined to discover who shot Korean War veteran Jacob Pearson’s dog. The suspect is Captain Crawford’s willful and surly 20-year-old son, Hugh — a young man with problems beyond his pompous father’s control. Both James and Siegfried have extraordinarily little success in extracting payment from wily farmer Dennis Pratt — until they discover he may be sneaking his cows onto a neighboring farm to enjoy better grazing. (84)
  10. OLD DOGS, NEW TRICKS – 1990-11-03
    Siegfried takes a close friend to task for wasting his own talents as a veterinary surgeon. Ewan Ross — “the best horse man north of the Humber” has let his career slide gently into the whisky bottle after the death of his wife. But Siegfried is determined to make use of his considerable skills. A valuable racehorse with a strangulated hernia could provide Siegfried with not only a way of striking back at “vets in Bentleys”, but also putting Ewan on the straight and narrow. James, meanwhile, is strangely reluctant to take on responsibility for Mrs. Pumphrey’s beloved Tricki Woo when she announces that she is off to France. But Siegfried caves in under the persuasive skills of Mrs. Pumphrey and Tricki Woo moves into Skeldale. (85)
  11. HAMPERED – 1990-11-10
    Siegfried is laid up at Skeldale with his foot in plaster. His dreams of mouthwatering meals prepared by Mrs. Alton are soon shattered by her regime of a strict diet “for an invalid”. Tristan falls for the dark, sad-eyed beauty, Angela Mortimer, Mrs. Pumphrey’s great-niece, who has been jilted by her fiance. Fortunately, the demanding dog Tricki Woo provides an ideal excuse for Tristan to make a number of house calls. James impresses three hero-worshipping locals with his cow-curing abilities, and he learns to value their support when he has to judge the Darrowby Vegetable Show, with disastrous results. (86)
  12. PROMISES TO KEEP – 1990-11-17
    It’s raining cats – literally – when Tristan has to face the terrors of an enormous sow, Our Gracie, and her litter of piglets, who are due to be castrated. When the farm cats take a fancy to the anaesthetic-stuffed offcuts, they start to doze off in some very unlikely places. Mrs. Clarke, a very determined old lady, is struggling to keep her farm running until she can hand it over to her young granddaughter, Mary. But she is reaching the stage when she can no longer handle the pressures, even with her elder granddaughter, Katherine to help — and Katherine is planning to pursue a nursing career in Africa… (87)

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  1. 1983 Christmas Special – 1983-12-25
    James has been mustered out of the army at war’s end and returns to the Yorkshire Dales. He, Siegfried and Tristan are soon about the day to day dramas of a rural veterinary practice once again.
  2. 1985 Christmas Special – 1985-12-25
    James, Helen, Siegfried and Tristan find themselves in the constant of change that is life in England immediately after World War Two.
  3. 1990 Christmas Special – Brotherly Love – 1990-12-25
    Tristan and Biggins battle for a place on the the team to ring the Christmas peal.

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