6 Replies to “Remembrance Day for Helen Herriot (Joan Wight)”

  1. i have looked and searched and can not find one photo of joan wight(helen herriot)why is that? i love the books mr. wight wrote…but, there are no
    photos of his wife. why not??? and if there are, where would i find them?

  2. You can find several picture’s of Mrs.Wight , Joan Danbury , in the book of her son , A memoir of my father

  3. I love all the books & the series, bit reading up on tonights episode, it says that James has a new girlfreind as he struggles to ‘get over Helen, I know she didnt die in his books…unless I missed one. Curious. Waiting for it to start in half hour

  4. Read the books in late 70s and I felt like part of the family gave warm cozy feeling of warmth. My father also read his books & when my mom & him went to England late 80,s he made a trip to see James Herriots place. Alf Wight had a special way of touching people and still does. Enjoying TV series showing on PBS they did great job matching actors with characters. We really needed this series with all the stuff going on in the world. Wish life was more simpler and loving. Best wishes to all our English family friends.

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