3 Replies to “1997 Ad for Weetabix in a Parody of “All Creatures Great and Small.””

  1. Introduced my husband to the series and we’ve now watched all together but the Christmas specials but I can’t find an episode I remember in which Tristan and company, in the pub after hours,hide in the cellar from the local constable. They keep on singing, albeit in hushed tones, as the constable pokes around outside.

    Does anyone else remember this? And if so, what was the episode called?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. That was to celebrate the birth of Rosie, it is chapter 17 of The Lord God Made Them All. I’m not sure it made it in the TV show, it might be in the specials though! Let me know if you find out!

  3. It is in the 1983 christmas special
    i sought it either
    finally got the right lead!
    thanks a lot!

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