3 Replies to “Happy Birthday, James Herriot!”

  1. it says on your site: Jim Wight, AKA, James Herriot was born today, Oct 3, 1916.

    This is incorrect, I have just read a biography on James Herriott (the main characters name) who is based on ALF Wight the real person and vet who wrote the books. Jim Wight is his father!

  2. Although he went by Alf Wight, his full name is James Alfred Wight, or Jim Wight. Also, both his father and grandfather were named James.

  3. I have enjoyed your books so much that I have started reading them to my lost friends at the SPCA. They love your stories so much that they go to sleep when I read to them, You are an amasing person. I wish that you took care of my loved ones. We love you so much. Thank you for being such a caring person
    Art Sabourin

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