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  1. I give my utmost respect to Mr. Herriott (Wight) as a veternarian, author, humorist, and astute reader of human-kind and animal-kind as well. He was an amazing man, shown easily from his writings, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single page of every book of his I have read. Only a few left to go. He would have gone mostly forgotten had he not penned his life to paper. He was a true hero, hard-working, humanitarian and gentleman at heart. How many other people have been so, yet they are not known because their world was so small and remote by todays standards. There are very, very many heros and humanitarians that have lived in this world and live today as well. Mr. Heriott serves as a perfect example of such. We are more than blessed to have souls such as he among us. Even now.

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