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  1. I started reading the James Herriot books when I was on a working holiday in the U. K in 1974 and have read them periodicly ever since. When my son graduated from Sydney uni (Australia) in 2004 and started working as a vet I started reading them again as things that happened in the book were also happening to him.
    Last year 2009 I bought my Dad (86 years old) to Europe for a holiday and to go to York where my Mum was bought up until she left for N. Z just after the war. We visited the Herriot museum and it was a high light of our trip.

  2. Thanks for your great story! Feel free to share any stories that your son has had in his practice.

  3. We have been blessed by not only your book but the television series All Creatures Great and Small shown here in America. You truly are a British Pioneer in Animal care and we just want to say we appreciate you for your life’s work.

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