The James Herriot Biography Quiz

Test your knowledge of James Herriot!

What was James Herriot's real name?

What is the fictional and real name of the town where James Herriot had his veterinarian practice?

Who are the two fictional brothers James worked with?

Where was James Herriot born?

What were the names of James Herriot's parents?

In what year did James and Helen Herriot get married?

What are James Herriot's children named?

Where did he get the pen name of James Herriot from?

What is the address of his practice?

In what year did James Herriot die?

3 Replies to “The James Herriot Biography Quiz”

  1. I am 61, live in Tampa, Florida, and I have been a fan of the series ACGAS for many years. Because I am now hearing disabled (wear aids), I must now watch by reading subtitles as much of what is said by the players escapes me otherwise. Siegfried’s words are especially difficult to hear since he talks so fast; nevertheless, I am very much impressed with his capable use of the language which includes his strong use of intelligent adjectives and lesser-used metaphors. They come from his mouth so easily that it makes me think he was indeed a voracious reader. In fact, his vocabulary could be used to teach students, if one was interested enough to gather his lines. Of course, all of the perfectly chosen actors in the series made it work wonderfully well. Sad it is that James Wight’s stories are no longer being acted out, although it would be extremely difficult to find replacements for the original actors, so perfect they were for their parts, despite, as Siegfried once said it is still the age of miracles.

  2. I love the James Herriot books and own them all. I hope they will make the series of his young life.

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