Welcome to JamesHerriot.org!

Welcome to JamesHerriot.org, a wonderful site for fans of James Herriot. Although this site has been around for years, a little more interactive action was needed. So look around, read some stuff and leave a comment!

3 Replies to “Welcome to JamesHerriot.org!”

  1. I once listened to an audio tape of some James Herriot stories, read by the author. His voice and accent were amazing and I would love to locate copies of those again. Does anyone know anything about them? Everything I can find now is read by Christopher Timothy, who is very nice, but not what I remember.

  2. I am a great fan of the late James Herriot. I have all his books, calendars and the complete DVD sets. I live in country South Australia, but am a Yorkshire lass. I am now following The Yorkshire Vet series and loving it. I could not watch the new All Creatures Great and Small, To me it was over acted.

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