Skeldale House from ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ fame brought back to life

THE building which became famous as Skeldale House in the BBC television series All Creatures Great and Small, has opened to the public for the first time.

The instantly recognisable, stone-built Wensleydale building became known to viewers around the world as the location for the veterinary practice where character James Herriot worked.

Until two years ago the property in Askrigg, North Yorkshire, was used by Broadacres Housing Association as a home for vulnerable adults.

But now it has reopened as a luxury bed and breakfast.

Read more about the transformation.

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  1. I would like to read the James Herriot books on my YouTube channel BeverleyVolfie.
    Presently I am reading The Laura Ingalls Wilder Novels.
    I Live in Canada are these books public domain so I can share them by reading them aloud?
    Sincerely Bev

  2. Hello! I am looking for the name of the pattern of the china set that was used in the series ….. there’s a really good pic in the episode “Charity Begins at Home”. Could you tell me the name of the pattern please? Thank you . I would like to buy the set for my home.

  3. Travelling from Australia I’ve visited all those iconic ACGandS sites in the Dales over period of 4 weeks covering 2 years (2014 & 2016). It’s every bit as captivating and beautiful as the series depicts. It was an incredibly romantic time for myself and my wife. We have also stayed in Skeldale House with Keith and Lisa the owners and can thoroughly reccommend it and the gorgeous town of Askrigg (Darrowby) to all readers.

  4. Does anyone know which book and chapter James Herriot describes staying for breakfast somewhere and being served a big piece of fat?

  5. I love all the characters, animals, the beautiful Dales, and the rich look at history the stories share. I hope you will tell me the name of the China dinnerware used at Skeldale. It is so sweet, elegant, and simple. I’ve searched around to find it, but no luck yet. I am usually very disappointed in movies that spring from books, but not so here! Brilliantly done. I must admit that I LOVE his BOOKS, I LOVE the video series, and that Christopher Timothy did a WONDERFUL job of reading the stories on audio cassette. (On sale at Wow, I love them all.

  6. Imagine having just completed 4 years of college to become a teacher and in the last year reading the complete series (1980) and wondering if I could change my major one last time. My best friend is a large animal vet and his stories are as funny as Alf’s were. We both are nearing retirement and if we could have would have changed careers in a heartbeat. No worries though, Especially in times of stress I can sit down with one of his books and the worries go away. I among the millions of others appreciated what he did.

  7. The name of Skeldale’s lovely dinnerware in the series featuring Christopher Timothy is Bristol Pink (Cream) by Crown Ducal. Such sweet, elegant design of line and color, and even more so when viewed up close. So very lovely. Thank you for this wonderful website. Like so many others, I am grateful for the wonderful stories of people and animals to enjoy, love, admire, and share life with! Debra Erb

  8. I have known for a long time that the last four series of All Creatures Great and Small were based on original scripts, but I read in one book that some of the episodes from these later series were based on unpublished diaries that Alf Wight had lent to the BBC. I haven’t seen this information anywhere, is there any truth in it?

  9. For Mary Johnson- Chapter 39 All Things Bright and Beautiful, Aka Of Pugs, Pigs and Pickles in the series.

  10. I think the china pattern is related to Asiatic Pheasants. It looks like the show may be using the pattern from the 1950’s, which is similar but not exactly the same as the older pattern. Not sure, but that’s what I seem to find.

  11. Can anyone identify the light blue/white/floral china pattern used in the dining room scene Episode Six, 2020 series? It’s just beautiful! I note the cups are used in most episodes..

  12. I too was looking for the China pattern from the early series. It’s Crown Ducal Bristol in what appears to be the dove grey or blue. A pink setting is also available. Check online, there’s still ransom pieces available.

  13. In the current BBC production, does anyone know the pattern name of the pale green and white teacups used in the kitchen?

  14. Hello – What is the pattern name of the china pattern used daily at Skelsdale House? The original series – it looks blue or little blue – it has a teapot and a coffee pot – It looks like a blue and white pattern of a Johnson Brothers set I have.
    Thank you in advance if anyone knows.

  15. What is the name of the mansion in the series where the lovely wealthy woman lives with her dog? I don’t always understand every word from script. I suppose sub-titles would be out of the question. But, love “All Creatures Great and Small”.

  16. I’m very interested in both the light green breakfast china pattern and the evening more colorful pattern at Skeldale House on the newer series. Thanks for sharing the information.

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