Visit the set of All Creatures Great and Small

At the Richmondshire Museum, you can see the original set of the BBC series. They also have some other interesting things for you to see, so check them out!

Here is what they have to say about the exhibit.

On display is part of the set used for the making of the film “All Creatures Great & Small” based on the books written by the veterinary surgeon James Herriot. The museum obtained the set when filming was complete, to recreate the look and atmosphere of a 1940’s veterinary surgery.

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  1. Hi, sorry if this question is in the wrong place, but do you know what operation/problem Alf had that forced him out of the RAF so soon? I’ve looked but can’t find it anywhere. Cheers 🙂

  2. I started watching All Creatures Great and Small on PBS last year and fell in love with the characters! Every Wednesday night at 8:PM I make sure to turn on the show. Last month I started searching for like new hardcover copies of all the books and my collection is growing fast! Just bought Every Living Thing, which is good because I finished the 4th book in the series yesterday. How I wish I had discovered the life of “James Herriot” many years ago. I would have enjoyed meeting the author of such warm, witty, wonderful stories. He was a good man!

  3. An update: I got so tired of PBS changing days and times for the show, so I purchased the complete box set with all seven series and an extra DVD with two Christmas specials. This afternoon I finished the first series which had 4 DVDs. SO GREAT to finally see some episodes I hadn’t seen yet and in the correct order!! The 4th DVD also included some special features, one being a wonderful interview with Alf Wight from 1976. Priceless! I am so glad I made this purchase. I will watch every episode many times and enjoy them every time.

  4. In answer to Tamara’s question

    I am currently reading the biography “The Real James Herriort” by Jim Wight, the son. It’s an excellent book and wonderful to read about the REAL man so many people have come to love through his books. The answer, Tamara, is that Alf suffered from a painful condition, anal fistula, which had plagued him during his student days and delayed his completing his classes. He had several operations. This condition surfaced again while he was in in the RAF and he sufferd through another operation. He was “grounded” by the doctors and changed from pilot to a stock person and service to his country lasted just under one year till he was finally released from service.

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